Cobalt Aquatics Color Flakes premium fish food takes feeding fish into the 21st century. The naturally occurring probiotic bacteria strains have been incorporated into every flake, improving digestion, resulting in less waste in the aquarium. Each formula also includes the signature Cobalt BLUE flake that is super-packed with immunostimulants and a triple-vitamin boost which helps the fish fight off disease and helps to keep in top shape and color. The scientific advancements of probiotics and vitamins, coupled with a solid nutritional base and the addition of the immunostimulants, makes Cobalt flake foods the most advanced nutrition available!

  • Blue flake (triple vitamin boost, natural immunostimulant beta-glucan and Chitosan)
  • Enhanced with probiotics (bacillus sp) to improve digestion and intestinal wellbeing
  • Less waste (cleaner aquarium)
  • Ingredients sourced from US and Canada
  • Powerful color enhancers (krill, plankton, spirulina, brine shrimp)  

Brand New, Sealed - Cobalt Aquatics Color Flakes 3oz



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